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day 14



yo yo

ok my flakies were annoying me soooo bad so i decided to do an ocm on my face which helped SOOOOO MUCH! for my oil mix i just use castor oil and jojoba oil. I honestly dont know how much of each i just tip both into my hands and then mix them and slap 'em on my face. So much dry skin came off it was sort of gross i had to wipe the oil off my face and start again with a new batch it was that bad. But WOW my skin looks sooooo much better now its practically glowing yipeeeee :surprised: i'm so happy. Incase anyone wants to know when i use the ocm method during the regimen i do it like this

1. shower and wash face with dan's cleanser

2. dry face and then massage oils into face for an hour (i know a long time but i love how it feels)

3. wipe face with a hot washcloth to get ALL the oil off.

4. wait 5 min and apply bp

5. wait 15 min and apply moisturiser

My face stung for like 5 minutes when i used the bp and moisturiser, i think because i had just scrubbed away all the flakes so the skin was a bit sensitive but it was nothing super bad.

My skin is looking ok atm. The pimples from the breakout are slowly going awayand i just pray more aren't going to pop up in their place :pray: I would say the only thing i'm having major issues with are the flakes but OCM will take care of them so i guess i can't complain.


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