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June 20-25 2010



hey there. just call me hello ninja :( because i've been hiding my face like a ninja ever since this stubborn acne ruled my face/body and life. lol, im 21, female from Philippines. Half filipino-half chinese. lot of people says I got a great complexion and says im cute only if I dont have acne and it hurts my ego. huhuhu. Fvck ACNE!! I suffered acne when i was 11 years old. yea.. too bad, it ruined my childhood and teenage life. :(ACNE SUCK bigtime! well everyone agree, right? well, back to my story. I guess i had hormonal acne because my father has it and my 2 siblings. I tried everything under the sun and nothing seemed to work except for seeing dermatologist because i have this feeling that they just make my skin more worst. For 10 years of having this acne I got cleared for 1 year with no meds and topical at all,just simple face wash and cleanser and some restrictions to my diet. I was so happy I thought i just grew out of it.

Then because of stress i guess my acne is coming back one by one after my licensure examination. (december 2009)but it doesn't bother me at all because it was just mild compare the other years. but then i browse on the internet and came acrossed this site. I was so stupid because I ignored the regimen and search for make up that could mask my mild acne instead. I ended up buying revlon's colorstay liquid foundation and it did the trick. I look i have the clearer skin ever. I used it for 3 months and It didn't break me out. But one day I decided to use it everyday. hahaha. yea i know. Im so stupid and the shitty thing was i slept with it one night. hahaha. (because i was with someone and i dont want to see me without make up. I feel ugly without it. hehehe)then BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

april 2010 i broke out so bad!!!!!!!! it was one of my saddest days ever. to the point that i dont want to go outside anymore. I cried myself to sleep. I dont want to see even my bestfriend :( I thought about accutane that time because i think that would be the last resort coz i looked like a monster with lots of bumps,zits,white heads,blackheads especially to my jawline,nose and chin. my face is soooo red that time. I dont want to look in the mirror. I decided to go to hospital and see a dermatologist for the first time..but funny because i went to 2 hospital that day..the 1st hospital has no derma. wtf? LOL then the 2nd hospital was closed. LOL. well, i think everything happens for a reason. at home. i sit by myself and remembered the site ACNE.ORG i read all the info especially the regimen. I am quite skeptical at first because of it's simplicity. i read a tons of success story to give me a hope. It took me 3 days to finally give it a try. I want all of the family to agree with me too. and I dont have to lose. I looked like a garbage. hahaha. :surprised:

I went to a local drug store to purchased what i need. this is what ive got:

dove bar (i used it before and i like it) 40 php.

Panoxyl 2.5 BP 175php

celeteque facial moisturizer 130php

about 8 dollars. cheap huh?

sorry for the long story :(


with prayers,hope and faith :cry:

I followed the regimen religiously.

-i already put lots of BP as dan's stated because i know i am not allergic to it because i used it

before but in 10% strength.

-my face felt sticky because of the moisturizer I used but is tolerable.

June 21, 2010

upon waking up in the morning

-i saw a bit improvement because my pimples were bit dry.

-my face is soooo red.

June 22,2010

-hmmm.. just the same as yesterday.

June 23, 2010

-my face started to feel itchy,irritated and flaky.

but that is to be expected so I didn't bother.

-my face is still red.

June 24, 2010

-still itchy,irritated and a bit flaky.

-redness in my face is somewhat lessen.

-some small zits break outs.

-my acne dried and became smaller.

-it flattens and members of the family also recognizes a bit improvement of my face. yay!

my brother want to try the regimen too. :(

June 25,2010

-my acne really dried up and flatten,I can really see the difference before

when it comes to size of the pimples.

-my face is still somewhat red.

-not itchy anymore but a bit flaky.

-now i can look to the mirror without a teary eye.

** I really feel that this regimen will work for me. In just 5 day I can't believe that it gave me

a result. hopefully i will get a clear skin soon. I will keep you all updated. thanks dan for this wonderful regimen and site.

KILL ACNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's all fight and dont lose hope.

PS: sorry for my english, ^.^ and typographical error because i was typing too fast. LOL



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