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First Post! - An Introduction



Hey everyone! I joined acne.org yesterday and want to share my experience and frustrations.

I have SO much to say about acne and the emotional, financial, and physical effects of it. This is my first post and just a little background of what kind of acne I have.

I have had acne since I was fourteen and am now 19. My acne is typically under-the skin and focused around my mouth (like Jessica Simpson in the Proactiv commercial :pray: ) I suffer now with post acne marks, oil, and breakouts that have never really gone away. I have not, in five years, gone out without makeup. I am always aware of my skin and am POSITIVE that people are looking at my pimples when they look at me.

When I first broke out, my mother wouldn't call it acne to spare my feelings. Despite her good-intentioned denial, I did what my friends did and ordered Proactiv. It worked for them completely and for me (at first) but stripped my skin of moisture and redness and inflammation ensued. I learned my first lesson: MOISTURIZE. I am generally oily and by stripping my skin of its moisture with the beads and toner of Proactiv, my oil production increased, continuing the acne cycle.

I have since used a plethora of products both prescription and OTC. The problem is that with trying topical, holistic, and medicinal solutions at the same time, I couldn't pinpoint what exactly was helping. It is very confusing.

Tretinoin, Clyndamycin, Doxicyclin, and other forms of antibiotics have been in my system at some point or another for about two years. I am now financially independent so I am antibiotic free and off the pill since I can't afford it.

Things I have learned:


Don't pick

Be gentle

Don't wash too often

Just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's good

Things I have tried that I don't recommend:

Proactiv (too harsh)

Murad (too harsh)

Neutrogena (too gentle)

Clean and Clear Foaming Cleanser (the one that tingles with the Menthol) (harsh)

I'll remember more and post but this is a snapshot of the kinds of products that have not worked for me)

This isn't exactly helpful for anyone, but I know that I relate more to people with similar skin and acne. If anyone has experienced anything like this, let's swap stories and plans of action because this experience is a lonely and scary one that has definitely affected my life and how I relate to others and myself.


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