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Day 132 Soft and smooth but....



Mood: :pray:

day 132

I can't believe it's day 132...which means i have only 18 more days! Wow that's super excting....

i can honestly say there were definitely days when time did not go fast enough, I've already whined in my blog a few times about this. But time does go...and when you don't count down the days till ur done the tane it just goes more faster. i wake up with smooth, soft skin. I love how it feels...Right now i have a small zit on my cheek..but thank goodness it's not a cyst. Make up realy does wonders in covering up the redmarks but seriously it's the scars that make me unhappy now. they r just located on my cheeks...it looks like every cysts i got on my cheeks left a mark. It sucks and i can't wait to do some laser resurfacing to make these scars go away....I've been using Mederma Scar treatment for a couple month now, but i don't see much of a difference. you're suppose to see results in 3-6 months so i guess it's too early to tell. But i'm not seeing any improvement thus far. I'm using the Perricone Skin Clear Acne toner and i love it! It leaves this refreshing clean feel~ love it! My skin tone is really nice, it's clear and the hiperpigmentation is not helping....

I want to get the laser treatement asap...i know ur suppose to wait 6 months after completing teh accutane course, but i'm planning to have it done after 4-5 months.It shouldn't be too bad right?

As for side affects just the constant drying of the lips and I tired...I never felt this side effect but i'm feeling more tired than usual. I've also gained 5 pounds while on accutane. I'm not blaming the pills, i was so into cooking for awhile- I just ate ate ate =) I'm back at the gym working my ass off now.

My joints don't hurt constantly but they do sometimes but i just shake it off..the rash on top of my hands are ok now...at one point i had the rashes on my arms.

As for life my job training is completed now =) and i start the actual work soon. I'm excited yet nervous~ i don't even know if i'll like the job, I guess we'll just have to see. Anyways I'm excited the summer is here and i have less than a month on this then the healing will start.I hope it didn't damage my body too much. i love the feel of my skin now and now the only thing left is the scars~

Good luck to everyone on their progress~ remember time will go by just like that...=)


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