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End of day 15



WELL ....i had to pop the one by my mouth...because it was throbbing and i could feel it all day! so i wrapped my fingers in tissue and pushed it a tiny but and the puss came out - just like that! i did push a bit more and got some blood so i stopped then. Have cleansed, bp'd and moisturised and will put some aloe vera and ice on it later and hope for the best!!

The one on my head thats been sat there for days had a tiny head so i popped that too. Also a blackhead by my mouth really came up ready to be popped and two little bumps that have been on my chin for a while also came to tiny - and i mean tiny - little head so they had it too!! so skin is deffo still purging a bit but I would rather have ten little spots than one massive one. The last time I had a nodul cyst kind of thing (dont know what to call it - the ones that never get a head and sit there swollen for ages) was three weeks so im guessing that being a lady it is in the next few days it will happen!

fingers crossed I dont coz the last one (three weeks ago) went down after about 6 days - religious icing) but in its place i have dealt with about 4 little white head things under the skin!

so anyway, used about half a finger and had so much bp i really didnt know what to do with it! anybody else have this problem?!?!?

Right need to ice this spot again now, really hope it heels as fast as the others did! they were over and done with in three days! please god please!!!



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