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Clearing Up

typical kid


So my face is now pretty much completely clear. I still use Proactive regularly and have been experimenting with the foods I eat to see if that has an effect. I was told that DAIRY products increase your chances of a breakout. I decided to test this out for me and I found the 3 strongest dairy products that are the worst for most peoples skin and I cut them out of my diet.

After 2 weeks, my face had completely cleared up. The foods I had cut out were cheese, butter, and eggs (I know it's not dairy.) I kept my face clear for a little while until I decided to see what would happen if I started eating cheese again. I ate cheese like I normally would by basically putting cheese on everything. About 2 days later I had large cystic pimples forming on my face again for the first time in weeks. I had at least 3, and these were clearly the size of my cysts from before I started Proactive. Then I let my face clear up again by not eating cheese. Once my face was clear again, I decided to see what would happen if I only ate a little bit of cheese. What do you know, the pimples came back after about 2 or 3 days. These pimples were pretty small which would make sense.

So if you really can do what I have done and cut out those 3 things, then you could see an improvement in your skin. LOTS OF CHEESE= BIG PIMPLES. LITTLE BIT OF CHEESE= SMALL PIMPLES.

Even though my face is clear, there is still hard stuff under the skin where my larger pimples once were. Does anyone know about that?

Thanks for reading


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