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Day 5



Yesterday after I posted up till today, I noticed that the areas where I apply the BP and moisturiser have been very red. Despite my acne being much better (zits all reduced in size), my face looks like I wore googles, stayed out in the sun for an entire day and got badly sunburnt. ):

So this morning I didn't put moisturiser over the BP.

I don't think I can mix the two anymore, they seem to react badly together. And it shows on my face.

So my new plan is to put solely the BP in the morning and at night. Whenever my face gets too dry, I'll put moisturiser in the morning.


Sounds like an okay plan to me. Hope my acne gets better!

Anyway progress for my acne today: General reduction of small zits all over, but for the bigger zits they're all purging. (all coming to head, white head showing)

Feeling quite alright about my progress :surprised:

K bye peeps!


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what moisturiser are you using??
i was using garnier long lasting shine contol moisturizer in the day (spf 15, w mineral zinc) and simple's hydrating light moisturizer at night. but now im just gonna use BP at night and moisturizer in the day. i self drained my cyst today! :)

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