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Day 35



Sorry guys I have been a bit quiet I work for Nike in Football and well of course we are so busy with World Cup mania!!!!!

Anyway - how are things..........they are good. Went to my follow up Derm appointment and had my bloods done which were all good and because he was happy with the results so far on 40mg he decided to keep me on that dose which I am happy about as the only really bad side affects are my lips and some dry skin on my arms - nothing else. All the nasty cysts have gone but I am still getting some small spots but nothing too scary! The worst thing is the the blackheads which are really visible all over my forehead - I asked the Derm about this and he told me not to try and attack these myself which of course I had done whcih has caused spots which then turn into scabs because the skin is so sensitive anyway was really pleased as he has referred me to an Asthetic Nurse at the hospital who will help with the extraction of these whcih is great because it will be done by a professional in a sterile environment. So that appointment is in 2 weeks.

So the Derm thinks by month 3 I should be really clear - which is great. To be honest this was a great thing to do for me as I am pretty happy with the results so far.

Accutaneexperience - hope you are good let me know how your skin is.


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Happy to hear you're doing better! It sounds like you have a great derm, good luck with your appointment. Let us know how it goes. I just updated my blog, not much has changed.

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