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Day 6



Ok so I counted wrong the last time I wrote, and I was actually on day 4! Haha So tomorrow will mark my one week!

Today was crappy. It's getting to crunch time with wedding plans and a certain guest is demanding to bring a date although she just started dating him. My fiance and I have never even met him or heard of him until she wrote "Plus 1" on her RSVP card. Who does that? The invitation never said you could bring someone, but I guess for people like that you have to spell it out. Our wedding is a very intimate event with just 35 of our closest family and friends that we're trying to do on a budget, and we've had to tell family members not to bring anyone extra. She's not even family. It'll cost an extra $111 to have this guy I've never met come to my wedding not to mention I'd have to rearrange my tables seating to accommodate. One of my fiance's friends already asked if he could bring his girlfriend, and he had to tell him that we couldn't really afford it. Now this girl's mom is offering to pay the hundred just to have this guy come to our 4 hour wedding. Seriously? That makes me feel like I'm being really pressured to say yes. Ughhhh. This girl and her family is from my fiance's side and are pretty close to him so I can't say much because I don't want to be bitchy. :(

Ahhh... it felt good to vent. Even though no one is reading this I don't think! :surprised:

So last time I said I was going to the dermatologist to get extractions and stuff for my major cysts. Oh gah...it was some of the most intense pain of my life. No joke. This lady (not my derm) was merciless! She did get a few of the way underneath ones drained, but she was just sticking needles into my face!! She kept going after this one huge cyst on my jawline that I know for a fact wasn't ready to pop. Today I have a huge scab from her attempts. She also made a comment about me having a hairy chin (something I'm very self conscious about), and said I needed to shave it. WTF. And that I was a good candidate for laser hair removal after accutane. (Still though it's kind of rude.) When she was finally done with killing my face, it was swollen in the cheeks. She used qtips to pop zits which to me is waaay painful. It was like I got botox and couldn't move my face for like 15 minutes after I got out of there. And I was worried because I had my bachelorette dinner (hibachi :cry: yay!!) at like 6 that night. Everything ended up being fine and my face felt better by 6 though!

Today my face feels better somewhat. It's still oilier than the gulf of mexico. (haha I know that's bad to say. I live on the gulf coast, but my best friend said this the other day, and I died laughing). My lips still feel weird like they have a permanent waxy chapstick feel even when I don't have anything on them. I'm assuming they're really dry and just not cracking, so I've been religiously applying blistex and some other stuff.

I have a headache now, but I think it's because I cried really hard today because of all the stress with the wedding. I'm trying to drink a ton of water in hopes that maybe I'm just a little dehydrated. No blurred vision, no aches, no weirdness that I notice. Hahaha

My face still looks like poo, and I tried to take pictures today but my camera battery kept dying. Then when I finally got the pictures, I was so disgusted and upset that I couldn't post them. It's that bad. :pray: But I'm keeping my head up because it will all be better soon enough!

Well tomorrow's a new day, and I'm just one day closer to clear skin!

I'll write again soon.


P.s. My back seems to be drying out and the bacne is drying out with it! Success!


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