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Week 7, Day 1




So, it's the first day of week 7. I would be incredibly foolish to deny progress. My jawlines are both pretty much clear except for a few CLOGGED PORES, NOT PIMPLES! That is something I can certainly live with for now. And it's a huge improvement. I guess I'm just not used to the idea that I could have my clear skin back...??!?

I've also noticed that my chin actually IS doing better. Again, when I first started the regimen I purged almost immediately, and it was pretty bad; EVERYTHING came to the surface, and to be honest-- a full 6 weeks in-- it is STILL coming up, just not nearly as bad. That said, I am going to get another pimple on my chin in the next few days but it isn't going to be a huge one, like I would get before. It will come, turn yellow in a day, and go away in a few days after that, which is doable. It's also in a place where there were a ton of blackheads, and I think they are all just finally coming to the surface.

What else... the area around my mouth is a lot cleaner lately. There are (knock on wood) no blackheads or clogged pores or anything on the entire left side of my chin/mouth! There are a few redmarks, but I'm noticing that they are going away too.

The left side... I had a big patch of them, which I've said like 100000 times, and they are resolving (by becoming zits-- ugh. Also, second day of my period? Does this matter?). Around the mouth, just one tiny zit, and it was a blackhead and it'll go away soon. I guess... yay? Also, zits always look worse with a background of PIH, but even that is fading.

I went to my derm yesterday and he was like, yo, your skin looks really clear. MAY I JUST SAY that I LOVE my Japanese derm. I see him once a week, it costs like 13 bucks to see him, get a tube of Differin AND a tube of some other crap, and he genuinely looks forward to seeing me and to seeing my progress. He's just awesome. WE SHOULD ALL have derms like Dr. Kuramoto :pray: But anyway, I asked him, being my paranoid self, if he saw me walking down the street would he think `Damn, she has acne!`? And he pretty much said 'What the fuck is wrong with you / of course not', so... when your derm tells you you have clear skin, that means something, right?

What else... OH, he gave me some medicine that is going to make my red marks go away 'mousugu', or a lot faster, apparently! Maybe it's just because in the morning our skin all looks better or that I am really trying to change my attitude, but I think the redmarks on my forehead went down last night from it! I have no idea what it is... it's like, some hormonal cream thing that is made in Japan. I have used it on my chest and actually noticed a difference within a week (I just have like 5 red marks there, and this one is driving me nuts).

I got a speeding ticket yesterday-- UGHHHHHHHH, cops are bullies (he literally laughed and was like, 'Can she even understand Japanese?' and I was all 'FUCK YOU and YES' on his ass. Anyway I went home and immediately picked at the 3 clogged pores on my forehead. I got one clean (I got that little nugget of sebum right out) but didn't get the others. Hopefully I won't get a full-blown zit... this morning they are a pale pink but I can tell where I went to town. I loaded up on the BP (even putting on 10%) and am hoping for the best. :surprised:

I also ordered emu oil last week after being convinced by RealTalk's thread. We'll see if it works. If not, then thank jebus I make decent enough money that it won't matter.

Wow, these are all such long posts... but it's theraputic. Now I don't have to call my friends to bitch about acne! I'm sure they're JUST as relieved!!


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