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dum de dum



evening/afternoon to anyone reading.

i've had this whitehead at the bottom of my cheek near the back of my face for the past couple of days, a really tiny one that fiiiinally surfaced from like friday. it's pretty annoying because i've had to shave around it and left a few little hairs around it instead of getting a cleaner shave. it's also next to these 2 red marks and makes it look a bit more unsightly around there, although not too bad in all honestly...it's just me being pedantic.

the redness from a lot of marks is fading quicker i've noticed. they stood out a fair bit before but now, since i'm able to get topicals to them easier without loads of hair there, they're going down and not being so troublesome. i'm talking about like 3 or 4 big red marks around my nose area that have significantly gone down over the past week or less. the smaller red marks around my face are also shrinking a bit more..and now that i'm having less spots, my attention has turned to these. it feels like someone's put something in your hand then as you're about to grip it, they remove it and it leaves you with that feeling of having something briefly before that feeling is snatched away from you. red marks are annoying but i'd take them over spots any day. i'm still staying positive though.

after my shave, i'm still using this after shave balm (quite obviously) i've got instead of moving onto the moisturiser i bought. the balm's not really a moisturiser but it's been working okay so far and i've told myself i need to just take the plunge and start using the moisturiser as i know it'll be better for any red marks. but i've also said to myself that i'll use it when i my face is clear of any spots and i've got that tiny one at the moment! boring! haha

this is all i do with myself at the moment:

morning - wash face with cold water. aspirin mask every other day followed by finacea or i just use finacea after a wash when i don't put a mask on.

night - wash face with warm water, use nivea sensitive shaving gel, shave with wilkinson sword 2 blade razors with a vitamin e strip on them (i used a 3 bladed one with vitamin e and aloe vera on it the other day when i went a day without shaving). after shaving, wash with cold water, apply nivea sensitive post shave balm. after about 45mins, apply finacea.

i take a tetralysal (lymecycline) tablet in the morning an hour before breakfast, but i was getting spots before i started all this shaving etc, so it makes me wonder if i should stop it sometime soon. we'll see.

aaaand that's pretty much it at the moment. any suggestions for improvement would be cool, and as i said, it's mainly red marks i'm having to deal with at the moment or spots that have gone down in the past week.

i'm off to bed, nighty night.

'til again


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