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ok soooo monday i got my accutane prescription and yeah it was a momentous ocassion but thats not why monday was so amazing...it was amazing because i got ENGAGED!!! yup i am engaged!!! finally...after 2 and a half years with the most amazing, knid, handsome and perfect man, he finally made me his fiancee. i am SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! i won't bore you with the scenareo because i know we're all here for acne, not love stories...but i just had to share my excitment! ok so my face...i started my period yesterday so idk if that's why my skin looks so good right now (it could just be an engagement glow)haha..i doubt the accutane is working that fast. ok so i started clavaris (generic accutane) monday, 30mg twice a day, so 60mg a day. i dont really have any side effects yet...the first day i had a dull headache all day but i havent had one since; my skin may be a bit drier but certainly not peeling, i just dont have a face wet with oil anymore. my lips are not dry and cracked yet; im applying chap stick a few times a day but not constantly (i dont want my lips to get dependant too early in the game). im really dreading the IB...my doc kept me on 100 mg of spironolactone a day so that may help keep it at bay but we shall see. honestly, all i am thinking about right now is this rock on my hand and my amazing fiancee...i thought i didnt want to get enagaged until my skin was clear but i hardly thought about it that night! he doesnt care and i feel great whenever we are together. my mom is really anxious to start dress shopping but i really dont want to do that until my skin is clear...i wont feel beautiful in ANY dress if my skin isnt pretty. but anyway i wont update until something in my skin or side effects change. thus far...i feel GREAT!!


Congratulations! I know we're all here for acne but it's really nice to hear some good news. And I love a good love story! Please don't let stupid acne ruin this for you. I bet as soon as you put that dress on you'll forget all about your skin and feel like the most beautiful girl in the whole world. : )

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