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Day 4 and already seeing RESULTS!!! :D



This morning after I did the regimen, my skin was kind of stinging from the moisturiser + tiny amount of oil free sunblock over the BP. My skin has been a little red during the day since going on the regimen, but I think it's cuz of the sunblock I add in with the moisturiser. Or perhaps its just the moisturiser. But seriously who knows and who CARES?! I'VE STARTED SEEING AMAZING RESULTS!

My acne-fied face was much clearer, with the 3d zits all reducing in size. It's really awesome man the regimen/BP or whatever it is that made it shrink. I was really in shock upon looking at my face when I got home in the evening. In the morning it was like, better than the day before. But when I got back this evening, I seriously saw a difference. The zits were all so much smaller!!!! I really feel so much prettier/more confident now. You know how it is when we acne sufferers are in public and we feel like people are scrutinising our acne-fied faces, thinking to themselves how "dirty" we are and how "clean" they are? I now feel so much more confident about my face because they can no longer say that about me! Okay maybe they still will, but they can't say as much! Because my acne has been tamed!


I honestly didn't expect to get visible results on day 4. I was looking through all the photo galleries of random people's journeys with the regimen, and they seemed to only get visible results after months and months of being on it. Perhaps I got results quicly due to the BP being 10%? And further more my skin isn't exactly very dry. It's like, slightly dry. It's only dry to the touch but not to the eye. I guess the moisturisers I'm using are good. In the day I mix my Garnier long lasting shine control moisturiser (Pure line, it's blue in colour) with the coppertone oil free sun screen, and at night I just slather on Simple's hydrating light moisturiser. I love the Simple moisturiser, I somehow like the smell despite it not being scented o.O and I love how it doesn't sting, unlike the garnier mixed with the sunscreen!

Tomorrow I'm not going to add sunscreen to my moisturiser.

Fight on people! The regimen is working wonders for me so persevere!

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hey i am so happy for you. I also started the regimen last june 20 and we had the same result in 4 days. haha. well hopefully we both get clear ASAP! woo. FIGHT! (: the difference is i use 2.5 BP. goodluck! cheers :)

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