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peppermint goodness




things are going really well. how're things going with anyone else?

i'm gonna try not to make this a long winded entry because there isn't much to report except my skin is getting better and better. i missed shaving last night and just had one now with 3 blades. if i was shaving like, 3 weeks ago, my face afterwards would be really red and blotchy in places, but now, after a shave, my face actually looks really good.

i've got a lot of little red marks everywhere that only i notice when i'm up close to the mirror and they're fading quicker...obviously the combination of shaving more frequently is getting rid of any dead skin cells and the finacea is actually being able to be absorbed easier, or applied easier or whatever...it's working and that's all that matters. haha

i'm feeling a whole lot better about things, i've even got a new job starting on tuesday doing face to face selling..something i didn't even wanna contemplate even a week ago..that's how much my confidence has soared. i'm beginning to feel like i can be myself again round people which is good.

i've got a patch of big red marks on my left jawline which is really annoying me and i'm not shaving round there..so i think i need to get on that soon so they fade quicker. it's not as bothersome as being on my face but i strive for perfection (as we all do i guess).

i mentioned before that i drink peppermint tea and would whole heartedly urge anyone to give it a try. i used to drink a lot of decaff green tea but if you get it from the supermarket, i think they add loads of stuff to it or take stuff away or something, so it's not as good. the peppermint tea i've got is from the supermarket and there's no additives or anything in it. it's been good for settling my stomach (a plus for anyone on antibiotics) and aiding digestion which will in turn be good for your skin. it also helps you sleep at night too, and being an insomniac, i've felt the effects in that part even moreso!

for anyone who's reading that deals with redness (like i do), i also recommend eating a load of tomatoes. they're so good and i can't believe the difference i noticed from eating them. i buy a 6 pack of them twice a week and munch all of them on the day i get them..definitely worth a shot. i also take ibuprofen if i notice any inflammation occuring and that always makes a spot smaller in size instead of some humdinger.

keep your chin up if you're upset, there's other people in the same boat as you. keep up whatever you're doing..money grows on the tree of persistence as they say. i've noticed a lot of people on here saying that they keep themselves locked up inside all day and whatnot, and i've been there too. however, the best idea is to get outside and get some fresh air every day..you'll feel a difference doing that. even if it's a walk by yourself one afternoon in the sun, you'll feel better for it. and if you are feeling down, speak to someone about it. it's unhealthy to keep stuff locked away. as i said before, keep muttering the word "clear" in your head, and telling yourself your skin is clearing..it will work!

also, like i said in my last blog, if anyone wants to ask any questions or seeks encouragement, feel free to get in touch!

take care. 'til again


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