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Holy mighty sun,potato,water & High knee socks.

Ana BaNaNa *-~*.'


~Hyyya!!! sorry, It's been a while, I'm doing lots of things lately...~

â•£Hey! so, I don't work anymore, but I go out a lot lately, and to me honestly at least 2 times a week is a lot ! X) I reunited with my old friends and go a lot to my bff's house wich is haunted. SERIOUSLY. haha. a friend of her mom's is gonna come soon to exorcise it. haha. and I got money now so take the bus to Ottawa and I walk around, shop with some friends, and chill at near coffee shops. It seems lame but I'm a really chill person and I like to do relaxing things, compared to my friend who goes to Moshpits and recently broke her leg there...ha. I also bought like 20 pairs of high knee socks (like in my personal photo) I find them sooo CUTE! ^^...

â•£I think going out and finally having fun affects my skin, my skin is wayyy better now, I still use the potato treatment, I apply green tea to my face and Paula's Choice AHA. I just ordered Dan's BP and 10% AHA, I can't wait for these to arrive. =D I don't stay all locked up inside my house anymore, I am finaly going out and seeing people, makes me feel a lot better mentally, and physically. There's still some times where I want to let my skin breath and take a break from that heavy foundation, but instead of going on the computer all day, I go outside and sunbath, exposing my back so my bacne can dry up. and OMG! it does work. ...

â•£...Maybe not sunlight alone, but I've applied AHA on my upper back everynight and day, and I don't have bcne anymore. Only, i got a big sunburn, but atleast I'm free of pimples =) . It's been for soooo long since I've wore a freaking tank top, and now I can, WWWOOHOOO! XDD)

~And about the potato rubbing on face, it definately works to lighten acne scars, and it reduces swelling. Plus, it's cheap as fack. from time to time I also aplly raw non-pasteurized honey on my face. It makes my skin feels so smooth and it moisturizes it. *Happyyyyy* xD ~


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