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Day 7



I decided I am going to blog every week from now on, because it's hard to read daily blogs of a treatment that lasts for 6 months.

Week 1!!

-Hands are dry, feel funny.

-Skin isn't as oily. Some dry patches around my chin and in nose creases.

-Lips still aren't that dry, but I apply chap-stick every hour anyway.

- Am not freaking out so much about washing my face every 5 hours

- Pimples are still there, no new ones forming. The pimples I have are only distinct pimples, instead of the distinct pimples + million little bumps under my skin that I usually have. The little bumps are GONE.

-Scalp is itchy, hurts when I scratch it

- small headache if I don't drink enough water during the day, goes away if I drink some water


I went to the beach yesterday, wore SPF 45, then put on foundation with SPF 15, sat under an umbrella, and only went in the ocean for 10 minutes, and still turned red, which I was trying so hard to prevent. Later that night my ear lobes were dry and itchy, as well as my chin and hands. I will avoid going in the ocean next time.

Products I am using

- Just bought Clinique Redness Solutions Face Wash and Redness Corrector makeup primer today, I plan on using it in the mornings.

- In the evenings I use one of the three

*Thoroughly Clean Face Wash from The Body Shop,

* Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

* Dove Beauty Bar 1/4 Moisture Soap

- Cetaphil Moisturizer, plan on buying Clinque's Redness Solution's Moisturizer if the other two products work.

- Aquafor on my lips in the day

- Neosporin Overnight renewal therapy before bed

I'll check back in next week





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