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43 days on the regimen

i am so fking sick an tired of this stupid acne curse when things start to look up acne seems to comes back agen!!

my cyst thingy i think is coming back again (i hope it doesnt!!!!!), i keep fking touching it because i am paranoid that it has gone bumpy. this hurts however i just end up with a even redder mark!!!

although the regimen has helped i still have this friggin acne, and some red marks and scars they are enough to feel shit about and for people to notice!!! even though they may not b that bad considering it could be severe.

tbh honest i am just fuking annoyed of this, on going never ending cycle. i just want it rid of and have spent most of my money on acne products, so now i dont even have enough money to invest in something else, hell im just sick to death of this so im just going to stick to dans regimen. and wait even longer. i am also going to see my gf tomorrow and cant think of anymore excuses not to she will get annoyed. so thats that then i am going to see her with this shity acne red spot thingy scar face. i wish i could go back to my clear skin days it not much to ask for just clear acne free skin.

anyways on a positive note i have passed all of my exams and will be going to do my second year at university which i am pleased about.


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