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God, I hope this lasts.



I am now experiencing my first period since I started the regimen and I am very pleasantly surprised. I have a few bumps on my face. They aren't red at all. Small and barely visible. I also have three spots on my chest but they are already getting better. My neck is clear save for a few pink spots and my back has pretty much cleared up.

My skin is also a little lackluster, but, all in all, I am impressed. I really didn't think the regimen could stabilize the awful hormonal breakouts I get every month, but here we are. Hooray!

If I can stabilize my monthly hormonal breakout it is very likely that I can keep my skin clear all of the time. I don't tend to break out generally, but the nastiness that I get once a month lasts until the next one. As soon as it would start to clear up it would start all over again. A vicious cycle. A variety of birth controls have failed to do what the regimen has done.

God, I hope this lasts.


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