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day 13



Well good morning people! Today is day 13 - unlucky for some I know!

Well yesterday I managed to not touch my face all day (apart from cleansing and make up) which is just amazing for me! I was going to update last night but thought I'd end up checking my face in the mirror again so thought best to leave it! I'm going to try and do it again today, see how it goes!

Not much to report really, the wound has healed over fully so can at least be covered but it still looks quite crappy. really wish I hadnt squezzed it! the two that I popped on my chin have virtually left no mark at all which is quite amazing! I had this little flesh coloured bump on the side of my head for weeks and weeks and last night it had a tiny little white head on it so now thats gone!! I have another one on the other side and I assume that one is doing the same. scab came off the lip zit this morning, i rubbed it gently with a flannel to help it along!!

Up to about half a finger this morning and last night! last night my face was a little bit irritated - nothing major just a bit tingly and itchy but i didnt touch it! Probably coz Ive upped the BP. Still dont know how I will get up to a full finger but Im sure I will get there! hopefully in a week or so I will be there. No real dryness, skin is peeling around old marks that are healing.

i noticed that my chest is very red all the time - ive been using dans bp and moisturiser on my chest -

so im doing a little experiment and last night i used panoxyl 2.5 and a different moisturiser to see if it makes any difference.

Will let you know!

waiting on my aha now!

see ya later!



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