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Day 88



So as I said before I'm gradually improving, my breakouts are slowly declining and giving my skin time to heal. Hopefully this is it and I'll continue to improve from here on out.

Today I really felt excited and my hope came back. My face is actually getting better. I mean it is still a mess, but I can see and feel the difference.

So I never lost hope, even when I reached my lowest points..but I don't want to jinx myself anymore.

I think work, exercising, hanging out with my boyfriend/friends, going out more has all been significantly helping with the process. It makes time fly by, decrease my stress levels, and evoke all the happiness in me so therefore less breakouts :pray:.

Still drinking lots of water and lately I've been running again after my like one month off season break from track season. Honestly it has been hard getting back in shape but one more week of running and core workouts should do it. I've been running 3 miles everyday with intervals of p90x (ab ripper x) every other day.

WELL ANYWAYS haha hopefully more improvement throughout this week :surprised:

Oh I went swimming yesterday and my neck has been itchy.. weird but yeah that and chapped lips are basically all the side effects


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