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Ok, so where the heck do I begin?



Ok, so where the heck do I begin? Well firstly I think if I'm going to cure my acne, it's vital that I find out what is actually causing my acne. Now I know you're probably thinking I know this one, it's because of hair follicles and sebaceous glands and some kind of sebum crap getting all up in your pores. While that is a lovely story, and is indeed what causes spots, I'm wanting to dig a little deeper and say okay so what's the deal with all this sebum? Why if everyone has it, is it going mental in my body? What is the cause of the cause of acne?

I've done a lot of research in my time and from what I gather most suggested causes of acne fall into one of the following five areas:

Diet - there has been some debate about whether diet has any effect on acne. I for one am not going to rule it out. We know that if we put certain things into our body it will cause a bad reaction, that's just fact. Bleach for example, if I were to down a pint of bleach I don't think that would be cool at all. Well what if I'm unknowingly putting something in me that my body doesn't like?

Hygiene - ah yes, I'm sure we've all heard it from those knobs that have never had a spot in their lives:

"why don't you just wash your face?"

Oh you're kidding, you mean I've been suffering all these years and all I needed to do was have a wash? Silly me! Thanks for that.

I personally think this one is less likely to be the cause of my acne, I'm quite a clean girl. But you never know, maybe I should wash more, maybe I should wash less, maybe I should keep my face constantly wet, who knows!

Stress - stress for me is a big deal. I'm pretty much always stressed, in fact I think my default state is stressed. Come to think of it I have noticed the correlation between stress and acne is pretty strong, because I'm always stressed and I always have acne. Although using that logic, I always have blue eyes and I always have acne so maybe that's it.

Hormones - as a girl, my hormones like to mix it up a bit just to keep me on my toes. I don't know an awful lot about hormones except they like to take over my body sometimes, kinda like I've been possessed by a demon. I will say this though, I defiantly get loads more spots at certain times of the month so hormones must play a part in my skin problems.

And last but not least:

Psychological issues - I find this very interesting. I really do think that the mind can effect the body, like there's been loads of studies that show placebos work. Perhaps my mind is causing my acne. Maybe deep down I want to have acne for some sick reason, now there's a scary thought. And there's also that "the secret" stuff, that says something along the lines of you get what you think about. I don't know about you guys but my acne is on my mind a hell of a lot, so if the secret does work then I really am bringing it on myself.

I'm going to try loads of stuff over the next 6 months that cover all of the above 5 areas. So I'll keep you posted and let you know if I stumble upon any miracle cures.



i've recently been drinking a lot of peppermint tea..that's supposed to be good for hormones and good for digestion (which is clearly a major effect on skin). i've had more positive experiences since i've been on this. also, on the diet thing, make sure you get a minimum of your recommended 5 a day of fruit and veg. i didn't think it was that important but it's something i always try do, even more so recently. i grazed my knee pretty deep last monday playing sports and on friday my friend saw the graze and noticed how quick it was healing and asked me in amazement "how much fruit do you eat?!". it's clearly working on the skin on my knee so will definitely work for your face. the psychological issues are true..the secret, as cheesy as the film is, works wonders.

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Thank you for commenting, I think you're right. Fruit FTW! I must admit I didn't use to get my 5 a day but I'm now a vegetarian so I've been eating a lot more fruit and veg. I've not seen much difference in my skin but I am feeling a whole heap healthier!I'm not much of a tea drinker but I will certainly give it ago, thanks for the suggestion. : )Kate

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