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Day Fourteen. Dryness.



Well Ive changed my regimen a bit.

1)Purpose.I really love Purpose. Its gentle and it removes makeup quite well.

2)Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Astringent.I use the gentle formula.It leaves the skin feeling clean.

and finally

3)Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.It seems like it moisturizes more than the regular lotion...maybe.

Sometimes (lately anyways) Ive been using the St. Ives BLEMISH & BLACKHEAD CONTROL APRICOT SCRUB. I think thats whats been drying me out. I used...four days in a row and I only got it last week. Oops. Oh well. To get rid of the dry skin I have this little face brush for cleansing. I put some EVOO on it and just washed it into my face. I left it for a few minutes,rinsed it off,and out some of the Cetaphil cream on it.

Today I went to the dermo and he told me my acne might have to do with my "lifestyle". He told me that I need to exercise and eat better. Might as well try it..


I hate vegetables and exercise.


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