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It's been awhile...



Hey! I've missed about 2/3 weeks - ooops! I actually feel better though for not obsessing over my skin all the time..

I like the retin-A as my skin tone is much better and the small spots have gone but I still have hormonal spots on my jawline and neck that take weeks to go away...I'm not sure if that is going to get any better as it's been 3months on Differin and 4 weeks on Retin-A.... I will keep on going for a few more months though and then go back to the derm again if needs be! I do notice that the hormonal spots take ages and ages to heal - longer than normal (on average 3 weeks+)!It's a bit frustrating because if they healed faster I wouldn't mind being spotty for 1 week a month.

The antibiotics are giving me a dodgy stomach now. I took them twice a day for 2 weeks then just once a day for another week then I started missing them every now and then for the last week because I wasn't feeling so good!!! I've also stopped the exercise (prob for the last 2 weeks) so I'm feeling stagnant at the moment lol! I'm trying to look for a new apartmentas my contract here is up (1 year in China!) and because I feel very unsettled I can't seem to concentrate on doing anything...

My back cleared a little, especially in the centre where I was having problems... But during the last week its gone back to being a bit spotty... The antibiotics have had no effect whatsoever on my face at all.

Anyway, i'll try and update weekly when i'm more settled. 5 weeks till I'm back in the UK so I hope i'm having a good spot week then :pray: I do wanna look nice for people I haven't seen in 7.5 months and I have got a wedding to go to!


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