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DAY 12!



So this morning I used Dans cleanser on my face coz I really felt like I needed to wash with something rather than using the cetaphil cleanser.

Everything is healing but still got a lot of under the skin bumps which Im guessing are going to come up soon.

Ive been reading back through some old blogs and have seen that so many people used a pea sized amount of bp for the first two weeks so im glad ive got mine up quite quickly!

No redness that ive noticed and not really dry skin, just a bit of peeling around the old spots that are healing.

I was reading last night about iodine and how it is not good - and yes it is in my multi so have stopped that as of today. Would rather take 20 pills seperate than risk it!

Also been reading up of vitamin K so that is something i will be buying today!

Today I am going to atempt NOT touching my face at all! Ive put makeup on to stop me playing and poking and I am not looking in the mirror at all. I really do think it becomes obsessive - seriously I look in the mirror around 100 times a day. I was readin on dans questionnaire thing about how touching damages the folicles - and then thought to myself - actually ye, whenever I get a spot and touch it, put things on it and play with it, I get another one or two or three next to it!! So have to stop touching and obsessing!

Have had a really upset tummy last night and this morning, may be the niacin but dont really know! will have to keep an eye on it!

Nothing else to report at the mo, we know that can all change in a few hours!

Will prob update again tonight as I have no life!!



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