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taking the plunge



so i finally did it. i shaved over 2 consecutive days for the first time in nearly 6 months, and used a 2 bladed razor for the first time in over a year.

it felt a bit weird to be holding a smaller razor and for it to glide across my skin so easily without having to cut a load of thick black hair. there was less irritation obviously and after my shave, there were no patches of red from discomfort on my face or anything. all in all, a success.

i did have a patch on my chin where a spot that grew yesterday in a bit of coarse hair is recovering and didn't shave as cleanly around it as i would have liked, but it won't really matter to be honest as i can shave it next time. also, i bought some nivea moisturiser which i used to always use after a shave but opted to go with my regular post shave balm for the moment just to test the water. i don't expect anything to go wrong really but it made me feel better for now. once everything is a lot cleaner, then i think i'll go for the nivea. but for now, i feel quite good about doing it.

i woke up this morning and as usual, as you all do i'm sure, is check my skin first thing. any problems i had 24 hours prior seemed to be going down or have gone down - a sure sign that shaving works for me. yesterday i was fearing them with a thick black mess of hair on my face but this morning i woke up realising there was nothing to worry about.

all day, my skin felt cleaner and more clear. although i have some areas that are annoying me at the moment, i generally felt a lot more confident about my skin. when i think of myself when i'm clean shaven, i generally think of myself as having no problems on my face even if i have a couple and i think that has a really good effect on my skin recovering quicker. my face hasn't itched at all all day like it does when i have a lot of hair on it and i've noticed any spots clearing a whole lot quicker without any hairs on my face irritating it.

so as i said, i feel a whole lot better right now and feel i look a lot better without any facial hair...i have a proper baby face! i know this is the right route, i don't know how but it seems to be working. i'm not shaving tomorrow night as i have a football (soccer to any of you yanks reading! :pray: ) match to play in the evening and would rather let my face settle after running around in the chilly evening for an hour or so.

i'd love to hear from anyone who's reading to see if i can give them a bit of advice or motivation. i feel a whole lot better writing this than keeping any thoughts crammed inside my head so if you wanna get in touch, please feel free to do so. i'll be glad just to listen (or reading in this case) or give any advice to people...i've read a whole lot of stuff about acne since i've been suffering with skin problems so will surely be able to help in some way.

i'm off to do my nightly cream applying ritual and brush my teeth etc. got an app with the dentist who is gonna be giving my mouth a proper clean out tomorrow afternoon...does anyone know anything about oral hygiene and acne? it would be interesting if there's a correlation.

take care. 'til again


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