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Last month! (hopefully)



So I haven't updated since April 20th, two months ago, but I'm on what is scheduled to be my last month on Accutane-July being the "still in the system month". My skin is so soft and my back is completely clear along with my forehead and chin. My right cheek has one zit that is healing, while my stubborn left cheek still needs the three weeks left on the pill.

Overall, the side effects have been minimal-dryness especially on my lips has been an issue, quite annoying and embarrassing sometimes, but I used alot of vaseline and aquaphor so that helped. I only had about 4 nosebleeds, and only one in public so that wasn;t too bad haha.

My self confidence has shot up alot and people have noticed. I get compliments that my skin is better and that made this 5 months worth it. I recommend doing it in the winter months because worrying about sun exposure is annoying. I was just at the beach and heard constant nagging from my mom about suncreen..so try doing an october-march regimen if you can..wish I had!

But yea..I had alot of apprehensions about taking the Tane, but it has and continues to change my life. I highly recommend it.

*I did drink on my regimen..probably a little too much, and it did have negative effects on my skin, which is why I may need to continue for another month, so yes you can drink..but don't do it excessively.*


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