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wha wha



So I've been eating like shit (about to eat a hamburger with onion rings and drink vodka) because I've been house sitting at my boyfriends parents house with him. Of course we had to party it up. I've been using the topical gel i was prescribed and my skin is happier! It's looking healthier. Less oily and dry, more balanced. Still is oily and I still have those pesky pimples around my mouth. They're actually at a head right now so i put some bp on em because they look gross and I am trying so hard not to pop/pick. I have gotten like 2 new pimples which is incredible, i usually get a few A DAY. So i'm hopeful that this topical is going to help. I havent started the doxycycline because 1) i want to see how the topical does by itself

2) i read it can cause yeast infections and im not even messing with that if I dont have to. I might have to. but hey lets cross our fingers that this new topical is the shit. This burger im going to eat is my final junk food meal. Im back to wheatgrass shots and celery juice after.

i suck at photography, i really do and its embarrassing. i fucked up my photoshoot yesterday because i was all buzzed and it was so windy i couldnt even hold my camera still. i have to go again today once my boyfriend gets off work. wish me luck i cant fuck this class up or im banned from city college for awhile. god what a fucking loser i am. I cant believe i actually failed classses because i was too embarrassed to show my ugly face in class. fuck you acne for helping to ruin my academic career.


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