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Day 11



well Im up to a whole third of a finger and putting it all on my face! woohoo go me!! Face did tingle a bit after moisturser but it wasnt like burning or anything insane.

The two on my chin that I popped three days ago, scabbed, came off and have left minimal red marks! I think the aloe vera gel helped ALOT! lip zit has scabbed and should come off tomorow. The "wound" as I like to call it is ever so slowly healing but still looks like crap!

Squeezed one of the little ones in the left size coz it was squeezable if you no what I mean, did it before washing and BPing so hopefully it will be ok tomoz...didnt squeeze the life out of it, just a litle so it could go either way really!

Want to hear something funny!? I spend more time on here than I do on Facebook!

I seriously must have read every single topic about the regimen and accutane!!

And I think I have probaly read about half of the 'success' stories and tankyou letters to dan! Got to do something to stay positive.

Ordered my AHA but I know it will be a few weeks before it arrives!

Can anyone recommend something in the UK I can use now??

Thats all for tonight folks....PLEASE COMMENT!! Even if you just literally say hi!



HI! So you're in england? Ive been considering moving there.
Im in Wales! Where were you considering moving to? Thankyou for saying HI!! :)

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