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Day 1



Yesterday I came acoss Acne.org, and I spent one entire afternoon going through the entire site. I really liked this site as I felt that Dan's purpose was not to market his products to us but to actually help us acne sufferers. So after I was done reading stuff of the site, I headed out and bought myself

- coppertone oil free faces (sunblock), spf 15

- cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

When I got home that eveing, I followed the regimen steps exactly, and this morning I did the same. I'm so excited about the regimen, I really hope that it works :pray:

I'm doing two things that are not following the regimen though, and these two things are

1. I mix the coppertone in with my moisturizer for sun protection. My face stings slightly during the day, but it's not exactly painful. I hope this doesn't affect my results.

2. I use oxy 10 (10% BP) instead of a 2.5% BP cream. This is because there isn't any oxy 2.5 BP cream left in the stores, I think it didn't sell well so they took it off the racks :( There are other alternative 2.5 BP creams (theres neutrogena here in the stores) but brands other than oxy are kinda pricy.

Sigh, acne sucks. I've had acne for half my life and it sucks. I started when I was 10 or 11, and now I'm 18 this year. I feel so self conscious of my face, and although I wasn't born ugly, acne made me feel ugly. I think I'm going to start a photo log, starting today :surprised:

Anyway more details about me!

-I live in a tropical equatorial climate - perfect for acne to take over my life and ruin it

-I've been very active all my life. I was in gymnastics from 8-12, dance from 13-16 and soccer from 17-18(for about slightly more than a year).

Perhaps the aforementioned factors contributed to my acne?

My parents don't have acne. They have pretty good skin. But my sister and brother had mild acne. In my family, I've got the WORSE acne. I have moderate acne, because I've had two cysts in my entire life. And they SUCK. Let me tell you all about my first cyst.

My first cyst was horrible. It grew on my face when I was 11 or 12. And it lasted for about a year or two. I only got rid of it when I was 12 or 13. It completely disfigured me because me being an ignorant child, thought it was a huge zit and just squeezed the shit out of it. And it hurt. So, it turned blueish blackish. And it was on the right side of my mouth. So when I smiled, it hurt. And I didn't look/feel pretty for 2 years or so! Can you imagine how traumatic that was for me as a child? Sigh. I felt like such an ugly duckling. Kids would ask me what that was on my face.

Thankfully after a jab at the derm's, the cyst went down. I hope it never comes back.

HOWEVER. This year I got a cyst again. Seriously fml. It's on my left cheek and its tender and painful. It hasn't gotten infected yet and I seriously dunno what to do with it other than put sulphur/bp creams.

Okay, blog some other time :cry: Bye! Fight on fellow acne sufferers!


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