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conclusivus evidentia



evening/afternoon/morning to whoever's reading! how're things?

so if you've read my other posts then you'll know about my thoughts on shaving etc. i said i was going to shave every night and expect a positive result from that, however, i didn't because of a couple of spots etc.

i've shaved tonight, as i usually do every 3 nights, and it's given me an opportunity. with these recent thoughts in my head about how my face is affected by shaving or not shaving, i've examined my face as my facial hair as grown. here's what i noticed:

wednesday night: shaved, couple of spots on either side of my chin and just above my moustache line.

thursday: in the morning, i had a few tiny whiteheads that weren't really inflamed near my mouth, one on my chin and a recovering one on the other side. i applied more finacea gel than i have done in a while to very positive results.

in the evening, i couldn't believe the results, face looked smoother, smaller pores, less blotchy and red blah blah.

friday: morning everything was improving, around my chin, a dormant spot i had for weeks came to head and all in all looked better.

last night, nothing massive to report. noticed in the dryness that it felt as if something may come up where the hair was but still looked much better than a few days previous.

so the real test came today. the third day after shaving is normally where some problems come up because of the thick hair on my face and my face getting dry. the spot that had come to a head seemed to want to come out a bit more to play but has gone down as i treated it but another one has formed just under my nose where my moustache grows - coincedence? i think not.

as i've just shaved, i've noticed a couple of more areas where a spot has formed or is trying to form where my hair has got a lot thicker over the course of the day.

i'm going to apply some finacea before i got to bed and i'm pretty certain that a lot of these problems will have gone down a bit by the morning but with some more treatment then, i doubt i will have much to worry about tomorrow night. it seems conclusive to me now that my facial hair is causing the problems and i've got to tackle the issue more now if i want to see any improvement.

for any guys reading who may have felt the same or the story sounds familiar, i really believe that the facial hair is not allowing the topical gels or creams to get to the skin properly to do it's work (obviously) and that is inhibiting any of the treatment. i am growing facial hair and only putting finacea on my skin (a skin drying topical) which means my skin is not getting proper nourishment, there is less cell re-growth and bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt are lingering more around the dry skin which is causing a whitehead to form.

there is also the risk of ingrown hairs which is not to be confused with acne. people with curly hair are more prone to this, and as i sport a seth cohen do, i'm guessing this might be a problem for me too.

i've had these few days to kind of take notice of what's been happening and draw a conclusion from it and how best to treat it. it's obviously no coincidence that over the past 24 hours my skin has got worse as my facial hair has grown thicker and my skin has got drier. i know it may seem like a basic thing to know this, but i take heart in knowing that this is most likely the root of my skin problems and that i can look forward to a better future if i stay on top of it. i'm genuinely quite excited and positive that i can overcome everything within the next week or less but know the next couple of days will be crucial and a bit of a struggle...so stay with me if you're reading! haha.

i mentioned a word in that last paragraph that i wanna touch on too. "positive". i'm a big believer in positive thoughts and the power that your mind can have. i watched a motivational program last summer called the secret which i urge anyone to get a hold of. it's about how the power of your mind can create positive circumstances around you and takes a lot of mental strength which doesn't come easy.

to put it simple, i implore you all to try your best to think positively and use visualisation to improve your circumstance. imagine yourself with clear skin, don't dwell if your skin is looking bad one day, don't think of yourself that you have acne..that sort of thing. keep a picture of you from when you had clear skin or it was significantly better, or even photoshop a picture of yourself with clear skin and keep that somewhere so that you can look at it as much as you can. use it as a goal. if you think along the right route, you will see a massive improvement. i know it sounds like a load of bolloks, but trust me and try it. do yourself a favour.

another good trick is that whenever you catch yourself thinking about skin problems or thinking stuff like "if only i didn't have this.." etc, automatically make yourself think of the word "clear". clear is like the promised land to people who have skin problems and if you say that word enough in your head, you'll think about clear skin and not imperfections. this will have a massive affect on you and the way you look, i promise you. it does sound stupid, but give it a whirl. i bet you will see a difference.

i always think of myself from a couple of years when my skin was flawless and i'm seeing an improvement in myself. i remind myself of the picture below as much as i can instead of any current imperfections and expect myself to look like it again and it works. the picture is of me 2 summers ago (a bit drunk! haha) when i was taking care of myself (i haven't been for a long time now) and only a few months prior to that picture being taken, my skin was a horror show.

remember, positive thoughts. 'til again



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