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end of day 10.....doesnt it piss you off when.....



Doesnt it piss you off when your friends or people you know go out drinking every weekend, eat crap, slepp crap and still have great skin??

Just my rant of the day! think I will have one of them every day from now on!

Well ive been putting aloe vera gel on the scabs allday and I think they are ready to come off but I have made that mistake too many times so I will do my best to leave them til tomoz when they should come off and not bleed! the wound still hasnt heeled! Im thinking maybe the plaster stoped the air from getting to it so stopped it from healing so no more plaster! Its like the size of a nib of a pen so not huge but its indented so deffo gonna scar....any ideas???

Squeezed the lip zit coz it had a whit head and Ive put some tea tree oil (diluted) on it.

Skin is deffo not as dry so upped the BP a little bit more, if I get up to a full finger length it will take a bout a day to dry coz honestly Im on about a third now and that is enough for my whole face!! By the end of the second week I hope to be up to half a finger, maybe in the night and a third in the morning.

I do the regimen early in the evening coz it stops me from smoking! trying to quit and have managed to stop from like 4pm onward, keep busy have food, have a shower and do the regimen! I know that if I smoke after I will have to wash my face again!! so it is a good idea!!

Not much else to report, night to relax without my 3 year old now! Fantastic - kind of but itsnice to have company from a person who doesnt care if u have a scabby face!!

Only one comment so far.....come on guys!! Say hi!!



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