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Summer 2010, off to a bad start?



Okay my acne scabs, have pretty much almost all cleared up. I went to the doctors, and he prescribed me to: acne medication 5 during the day, and adapelene gel .1%..

At first it was GREAT! It dryed up my piimple scabs sooo fast! now.. not sogreat, im gettin side affects :pray: dry, flaking skin (HURTS LIKE SH*T.).. and also, small little whiteheads all over my forehead, nd cheeks! :surprised: you cant really see them.. but when i wash my face its so horrible, i jsut want them out! :cry: I dont know which is causing these tiny whiteheads, the adapelene, or acne medication 5?! anyone else in this siutatoon, or was in this situation?? what can i do to get rid of these whiteheads? which cream/gel is causing them?? will the dry flakiness ever g away? pleas help me! i wanna swim with my friends! have fun! be careless! :( pleasee pleasee help me... im hopeless :( acne is ruining my life. :/


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