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Day 85



Recovering from the cheek break out ...I'm so over the whole break out process like I don't even care now lol I'm at the point where I'm not really stressing over it, but I'm still staying optimistic.

Dry lips, skin on my face is a little flaky lately

Basically still breaking out, it has been about 3 months and 3 weeks ish, but I am hoping month 4 is the clear up month. AND the thing is I broke out near the end of month 2, so I got my horrible IB a little later than most people and I'm hoping it lasts only a month because this is just brutal to the point where I'm indifferent now. Whatever I STILL GOT HOPE!! haha I believe in these magical pills like I believed the Lakers were going to catch up to Boston's 13 point lead... just takes time and patience :pray:

Exhausted from life skills class I had today GONNA NAP hopefully my skin revitalizes during it lol


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