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#8: Make-up: The Love-Hate Relationship



Ah Make-up. I need you, but I do not like you very much.

I think my aversion to make-up is due to the fact I feel I rely on it so much. Having acne for 10 years, has meant a big dependence on make-up to help hide my skin so that I can feel more confident and less self-conscious it. I resented the feeling of HAVING to use it...I wish it had felt like more of a choice.

Sometimes I wonder if make-up can actually contribute to the acne and make it worse. When I first developed acne(when it was at its worst) I used liquid foundation to cover my full face. Then I heard a make-up salesperson talk about only spot treating(the make-up being sold was supposed to be highly blendable-- just disappear into skin unable to be detectable for a natural look)--just using make-up to cover specific blemishes, leaving the unblemished/clear skin bare. It is basically using make-up as you would a concealer. The make-up which matches your skin very closely is used to dot on the spots and the edges are blended into the skin so that it is undetectable. I thought this was a great concept so I started focusing on finding make-up that matched my skin colour as close as possible so that I could just apply make-up to blemishes only. Well, in the beginning my make-up routine took ages because I had so many pimples, but I do believe it helped my skin because I broke out less. As my skin has improved, I had less to cover.

I use an inexpensive drug store brand(though I have tried make-up at all price points) at about $10. Cover Girl Trublend whipped foundation. I found a shade that matches my skin colour very well and it blends beautifully to give a natural-looking finish. I use a lip brush to just paint it on any imperfections and blend--awesome! The only complaint I have is that it is in a jar...I wish it was in a pump or something more sanitary, but this just means I have to be extra careful to try to reduce any contamination.

Just an additional thought:

I had a friend who had very bad acne. I remember she used to spend a ton of money on expensive make-up to plaster her whole face with it but she never invested any money (or time)in finding good skin care. No matter how good the make-up, the acne was still obviously there and some activities like going to the beach made her feel very uneasy. If this sounds familiar you may want to consider a priority shift. I would say I currently only spend about 10% of my 'cosmetic budget' on make-up and reserve the other 90% to invest in good skin care products. The better my skin is, the less I need any make-up to cover it!


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