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breaking out and p.m.s.ing!



the last two days my skin has been oily, bumpy and i got a few new cysts on my jawline...ugh!! i am attributing this breakout to my starting my period in two days. my skin always gets its worst about a week about before my cycle starts. this go around tho i have had the worst mood swings; ive been so irritable and my poor boyfiend has definately gotten the brunt of it. i actually cant wait until i start my period; everytime i do my mood evens out and my skin calms down.

i messed with this pimple in between my eyes; it popped up a few weeks ago but never came to the surface and it never really gave me any problems. a few days ago the pimple got a whithead so i popped it; but there was so much oil under the whitehead so i kept squeezing and pushing and of course it bruised and now i have a raw place inbetween my eyes and it doesnt cover with makeup...i hope it doesnt scar!

ive got a cocktail party tonight to ntroduce the "vesta homeshow"; the best interior designers and architects showcase their newest works in a cluster of new homes.i was excited until this breakout happened. i wish iwas worried about what i was going to wear rather than what my skin looked like. it just sucks. im trying to convince myself that none but myself cares or notices (i know thats a lie but it helps). im also going to be spending the weekend at the lake with my boyfriend and his family. the lake it my absolute favorite place in the world and i usually get a great tan (which helps my skin). but i start my period tom and of course bloating and cramps come with that; i wont feel so swimsuit fantastic. and ugh i dont want to take my makeup off. idk im sure ill have fun; this stuff just stresses me out.

i start accutane in 2 days!! im really excited and also really nervous. ive heard so many ppl say that they looked disgusting for a long time before they got better. im also a little afraid of the physcological stuff. im pretty crazy as it is, anxiety ridden, and ive had alot of insomnia and i wake up in the middle of the night screaming...ive just heard that accutane can make being in your own mind pretty difficult. anyway wish me luck! and let me know your experiences with IBs and craziness.


I know exactly how you feel...well, the non female stuff, anyways. I'm a pianist, and I'm helping out with a summer piano camp starting Monday--giving lessons and coaching, etc. I'm 27, Asian, and I guess it can be kind of difficult to tell how old I am by sight. The worst is when someone mistakes me for a 16 year old boy participating in the camp, rather than a 27 year old doctoral student giving lessons for the camp. I'm sure the acne has something to do with it. Very frustrating. I think I've gotten past the worst of the IB this time. I still have lots of red marks everywhere, and things generally take longer to heal when on Accutane, but I think I'm starting to clear up. The IB can really suck, but it's totally worth it. Sometimes it's not so bad, though.The psychological stuff is very rare. Even so, I always have a few people close to me tell me if I start acting differently or withdrawn. Never hurts to be safe, I guess.Good luck with the party, and have a fun trip!

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that's so awesome...a concert pianist! i tried paino when i was very young but im just not very musically inclined. but i know how the age thing makes you feel...i was babysitting with a friend recently and the dad asked which high school i go to! i was so mad... well sir i actually just finished my sophmore year of college! he thought it was funny and his wife assured me that ill appreciate that when im older....hhmmmm doubt it but thanks! i always dress very mature, try my best to look like a sophistocated mother of 2; i think it helps counter-act the adolescent effects acne has. hopefully it will all be over soon tho...thanks for the encouragement...how long has it been since you started your course?

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