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day 9 - post 2!



ok, so ive figured that I need to wait at least 20 mins for bp to dry before moisturising so i'm filling my time by posting here.

Skin is not as dry and I really feel that panoxyl well and truly messed things up for me. I used a little more that a pea size amount tonight so it may get a bit more dry by tomorrow but by the nd of week two I want to be using half of what I am supposed to be using so I can keep up with Dans recommendations.

I also figured that using cetaphil cleanser and only cetaphil is a good idea. I was using tea tree face wash as well which i think was making my skin more dry. It feels strange going in the shower and not using a product to wash my face! But I can see that the simpler the better.

In the mornings I have been using clean and clear advantage but I think I'm just going to use cetaphil and I have a tea tree scrub with almond exfoliationg beads which I will use a couple of times a week. Again it will feel odd tomorrow not using face wash so to speak - for those who dont know, cetaphil cleanser isnt a wash, you put it on gently rub it in, wipe it away with cotton pads or tissue (i use cotton pads) - it removes make up well but if I have had a lot of make up on I use a simple face wipe first. Tonight I again used jpjpba oil, one drop on a damp coton pad and I wiped it over my nose and jaw line, will start using it properly soon, but one thing at a time I think!

Also today the Niacin I ordered arrived. Ive read good things about it s will give it a go, just one tablet a day. I also realised that I take to many supplements here is the list

am -

multi vit

vit c (500) x 2 - meant to take it with minocycline apparantly

b complex

lecethin/msm alternate days

vitamin e/starflower oil alternate days

2x acidophilus

1x dianette

pm -

2x acnescript

evening -

1x niacin (500)

1x omega 3 fishoil

1x minocycline (100)

thats alot of pills and up until 2 weeks ago I was taking a mega dose of b5 but that wasnt working.

Also for anyone that wants to know more about b5, it gave me a bad stomach - permanant and when I started taking it began waking up at 5am every day, regardless of the time I was going to sleep! I am still doing this and havent been able to stop! Its hard work and I end up having to go to sleep at 9 just to deal with it! I have tried keeping myself up til 11/12 but still wake up at 5ish and feel exhausted!!

I just know that if my face was clear I could get up and deal with being tired and have the motivation to do things! I havent left the house for three days now, thank god tesco deliver!!

the wound is healing slowly, the two I popped yesterday have scabbed over, still a bit sore but nowhere near as painful they were!

1 active one on right side and another one healing on loft side.

I am going to order dans aha tonight aswell and prob order more bp as I am using it on my chest too so I dont want to run out!

Shame its soooo expensive to ship!

I want to add that I started using dans bp on my chest the same time I started using panoxyl on my face and my chest has not gotten dry or irritated at all!

Not seeing results yet but hey - its been 9 days and as of tomorrow I will be simplifing things even more!

so keeping fingers crossed

speak to ya tomorrow!!



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