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my first day! :D



Haaaaaaay :Dthis is my first day on the regimen,and i hope it goes well. :)ok,background check.my mum had acne in her forties!that really scared me because i know genetics play a part in determining the type of skin you will have...anyways.my brother had pretty bad acne during his teen years.thankfully he went to a dermatologist,and now he's all clear :pray: *claps for brother*my sister?pshh.her skin is FLAWLESS.ok,maybe some blackheads.and some zits.but perfect compared to mine. :/my skin.well..what can i say?i've had acne since puberty.not all-over-my-face-cystic acne,but the big,painful pimple only during my period.i thought it wasnt that bad.UNTIL i got ALLLLLLLLL these whiteheads!OMAIGOD!i knew i had to stop it before it got worse..oh,and every pimple LEAVES A SCAR!i now have black spots where pimples used to be T.Tso yeah.me and my history X) (of my skin at least,HAHA) i pray that Dan's regimen will work AWESOMELY for my skin! *please God pleeeeeasseeeee*


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