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alrighty... it's been what, a week now?

technically i was supposed to be done about 20 days ago or so. but a while back they refilled my prescription (the time when i had issues at walmart) too much, so from then on i had a lot leftover al the time.

That being said, i had my last blood test on wednesday. only a week after, but they expected me to be done earlier. plus the reason they made it so shortly after was because my derm is moving, so she needs to read them before she leaves. And she already did, they're perfect :pray:

But the problem now is... its only been a weekk and i have two cysts right next to eachother :cry: big painful ones. the reasons why it worries me is 1) the derm said i shouldnt cysts anymore!! and 2) thats kinda quick... i guess i could understand a tiny zit better, as long as it went away fast. but this is a cyst, which she said i shouldnt get anymore, and it hurts, and its been there for 4 days i think! it started out small, and i expected it to go away within a couple days, but instead a smaller one popped up next to it, and the one got bigger and they hurt :( :(

this scares me.

i'm not sure how do go about with this...

i'm going to go "beauty shopping". maybe some tea tree oil will fix this? i've heard good things about tea tree oil. i would just hate to buy something pricey and it not work... maybe i'll try clean and clear instead.

i have some leftover differin which i'll start using. that way i can prevent this sort of thing :surprised:

i really dont mmind one or two measly little zits. as long as they go away faster. but these hurt. and i really hope they dont stay and then more come....i really hope i dont get all that acne again.

BUT, it's too early to assume things.

oh but i was looking around acne.org today and i came across this egg white mask. i heard great things about it so i tried it. i guess i didnt notice anything super amazing... actually it didnt really make much of a difference for me. but i've only done it twice. i figured, if nothing bad came out of it, why not give it more time to see if it works?

maybe it's "purging" my pores, and thats whats causing my cysts to get worse- for the time being. someone said something about that on the egg white mask reviews... but like i said. i'll wait and see.

so in short, being off accutane isnt going exactly how i expected. it just isnt quite as blissfull as i'd hoped :/ let's hope that changes fast!


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