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light at the end of the tunnel?



first off, thanks to anyone who's reading this.

i've been doing a lot of thinking over the past few of weeks.. my mood has been up and down depending on how i'm looking and it seems that i'll leave the house, go to work or see friends and be really upbeat (well, as upbeat as you can be at work haha), but then come home and look in the mirror and get pissed off all over again and sulk at home until i next go out and manage to swerve some of my attention off of my skin and enjoy time a bit.

in the times i've been sulking, i've been thinking over and over again about what i used to do with my face, how i used to look and why aren't the antibiotics working as well as they used to be?

i've come to a few conclusions, and i've made some changes in the past couple of days and seen a massive improvement. like, astronomical.

the problem was that i was spot treating with my finacea gel, and they would take a couple of days to go down, then another would come up somewhere, i would get pissed off and annoyed, then spot treat, and the cycle would continue.

i thought back to the time when i was clear and everyday, twice a day without fail, i would shave, moisturise, and apply skinoren cream (another form of azelaic acid) all over my face and would have no problems. absolutely nothing to worry about. when it all started going wrong, was the time when i thought i might as well not bother with the cream as much, or the antibiotics as much as i was clear. this was last year as you may know if you read my other post.

i stupidly listened to people telling me to get a different razor to make it easier on myself instead of constantly buying disposables, not worrying about putting on so much cream, not shaving as often, etc. when really i shouldn't of listened because i knew best.

ever since then, i've spot treated with a gel or cream, and not shaved as much.

i thought about this the other day as i was looking in the mirror where there were like 3 tiny tiny whiteheads on my chin and was aggravated by how this area was an area i'd cleared up a couple of months ago....that was because i was consistently putting finacea on it and it cleared up..something i've not being doing in a long time.

so yesterday before work, i put finacea on all around the problem areas on my face and it felt like i was applying the cream for the first time again because it seemed like my skin wasn't used to it anymore as i've been so sporadic with it. it was a little dry during the day, but my face actually felt pretty fresh, albeit a little tight for a while.

i got home from work last night, looked in the mirror and was amazing to see how smooth my skin looked. 12 hours before it was quite blotchy.

i decided not to shave last night though (booooooooo). i know, not a man of my word haha. that's because i had a whitehead in one of the areas i needed to shave in and a recovering bit of skin the other side of my chin where i needed to shave too. so i thought meh, whatever. i put on the finacea gel again last night as i had in the morning.

this morning, i woke up, went to the bathroom and looked at my face in amazement. all the blotchiness had gone. the red marks were so much smaller and paler already, the whitehead gone and the recovering bit of skin flat. sweeeeet.

i'd been thinking last night when i got home that i was being stupid by spot treating because they're only gonna keep cropping up so prevention was better than treating. and sure enough it seems like that's the case.

i'm making a promise to myself not to spot treat anymore, but to apply the gel to the places on my face that are prone even when there's nothing there just to keep everything at bay. seems like it'll work..i can't believe how well it's done already. i was already thinking of making excuses to put off seeing a friend til later on in the day on saturday because i wasn't happy with myself but i don't think i'll need to bother now.

on a side note, i've had a few problems with my shoulders for the past year or so since i was in dubai and going to the gym. i put some 99% aloe vera gel on them the other night and again last night...i'll update on how that goes.

everyone keep your heads up. it's all well and good putting your faith into tried and tested stuff, but noone knows your skin better than you and what works well for you. so instead of just following other people's ideas all the time, really put some thought into what works for you and think of your own regime.

i wouldn't wish skin problems on anyone, it's a horrible thing to deal with. but then there's that saying, those who matter don't mind and those that mind don't matter.

til again


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