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DAY 15



half way through the month.

time goes by really fast while youre on these pills...i went to the beach today and didnt get burnt or anything, my skin is a lot more sensitive though and i got a tan even though i applied spf 30 religiously.

i have absolutely no oil on my face, and the best part is that i only have to wash my hair like 2 times a week. its awesome.

my forehead looks like its clearing up, and my skin feels a lot smoother, but there are still a loooot of pimples and cysts that need to clear up.

aquaphor is seriously the best thing of my life. i put it on and i can feel my lips again.

i got some cetaphil yesterday, because the area on my chin and around my mouth was super dry, and it works really well. i wasnt as flaky in that area today.

my skin has been overall really flaky though. it grosses me out. i love peeling the dead skin off my face, even though its really disgusting. haha. but yeah. hopefully my skin clears up sooon...i hoped it would look somewhat normal for my graduation, which is on the 23rd, but i dont think thats going to happen.

oh well! i dont really care anymore. it'll clear up eventually.

havent really had any major side effects besides the dry skin and chapped lips.

my back aches occasionally, but its not even bad.

most important thing is definitely diet and water. i think if you eat well and drink lots of water the side effects are substantially decreased.

so its been pretty good so far!


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