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1st week



Hi guys

I just started the regimen (11/06/2010) and so far am liking it a lot! i did the first week with OTC products (cetaphil cleanser, clearasil bp, cetaphil moisturiser) while i waited for dan's products to arrive and they just got here today! so excited! I love his bp already. Gel rocks!

Anyway lets start with some background info:

I always had gorgeous skin in high school. My friends would always comment on it and i felt very lucky. I thought because I went through highschool with nice skin that i would never get acne as I grew older. But then out of the blue a few months after my 18th i started getting pimples on my cheeks and chin. It was like as soon as i got rid of one batch a fresh wave of them would emerge. It made me feel self concious and for a long time i wore makeup everyday even though i hate wearing it. A few weeks back i started getting horrible congestion around my mouth because i was very stressed from uni exams. I thought 'ok this sux but i'll deal with it' but then I started getting painful blind pimples, sometimes 3 at once. It was the final straw and I felt terrible and looked terrible. So i decided to start dan's regimen and already i have seen a great improvement. My congestion is slowly going away, the blind pimples are nearly gone, and i feel good enough to go out without makeup :pray:

Its a kind of relief to start dan's regimen because he tells me exactly what to do. I dont have to wonder if im using a product right or run out to the stores and buy some new product out on the market that costs $$$ in hopes it will work. Its nice knowing that this works for real people and its extra nice being able to treat my skin gently without lots of scrubbing and harsh chemicals.

Anyway sorry if this sounds so disjointed! I just kind of typed whatever came into my head. I'll keep this blog updated with my progress



Hey, we are at roughly the same stage with the regimen, let me know how it goes!!

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Hey, we are at roughly the same stage with the regimen, let me know how it goes!!
definitely! although i'm so not looking forward to waiting 3 months to see if it truly works. sigh :)

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