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hate my face



well the yucky scab came off again so still got an open wound on my face so still wearing a plaster!

used bp this morning so will try for twice a day from now on, still using a tiny amount, face is still dry but not as bad.

the two spots on my chin are just lumps that really hurt, wish they would just get a head or piss off!

what I dont get is this.....if BP puts oxygen into the skin and bacteria cannot frm in oxygenated environments, they why dont the spots die and why do they come up in the first place?!

not a good day anyway, not leaving the house again, fed up and had enough!

minocycline is supposed to work by now, Im over the three week mark so why isnt it working??

ringing doc this morning to get a refferal to a derm, think its time to see about isotretinoin (accutane)....cant take much more of this.

Acne has done wonders for weight loss - Im so depressed I cant eat, people think im anorexic! its not cool at all but i cant eat when im sad. feel weak and tired all the time.

wish there was a miracle cure!

talk to you later


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Heyy... I'm 20 and i've tried everything too, including giving up drinking, eating certain things, I was even depressed and stop eating all together for a week and tried to do a water fast. But dealing with acne since I am 13 made me realize that I needed to take strong measures, because its not logical to stop drinking alcohol or eating certain foods for the rest of my life because of my skin. I have already been on accutane but only for a short while 2 years ago and let me tell you it was the only thing that gave me beautiful skin, it didn't just clear my acne but I went from having a greasy acne prone skin, to movie star skin. I stopped taking my medicine and stopped showing up to doctors appointments because my skin became so nice, I stopped thinking about it as if I hadnt had acne the past 6 years. Of course since I didnt finish the medicine, my acne came back after 4 months.I just started accutane again and plan on finishing it, and theres no doubt in my mind that once I finish the six months, my acne will be gone forever. So I STRONGLY recommend you try this, it has changed lives, just read the blogs and see the one's with pictures and you will be amazed.Even if you go on youtube and type in accutane diary, you can watch how beautiful people's faces are now thanks to the miracle drug. Sorry this is such a long speech, you just seem really sad and I just wanted to help, and I know it seems like a scary drug, but why not take a risk if acne is already taking such a huge toll on your life? And the side effects really aren't bad, they just have to warn you about it for the 1% of people who had bad side effects.. so check it out. and good luck!

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