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Day 36: one pimple today



I woke up with one red bump on my right cheek bone today. I PROMISE THE UNIVERSE, I'M NOT GOING TO TOUCH IT. It's going to be very hard, peoples. I'm just going to put on the BP + AHA tonight instead of the hydroquinone, until it goes away (the other pimple on my left lower cheek I experimented with last week, went away in 2 days with the same treatment & no touching, so I'm hoping for the same thing).

Other than that, my skin is progressing very nicely on Dan's regimen. The pores on my chin and the sides of my face have gone back to normal (they are not visible & plugged up anymore). And the hydroquinone + AHA are fading my PIH quite fast.

I'm very happy & hopeful I can stop wearing makeup really soon!

I wish everybody tried Dan's regimen...it would have saved me sooooo many years of bad skin!


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