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Clear by Christmas



Do you want to hear a joke? Well here's one for you: my face.

Hi, I'm Kate and I have acne. Lots of acne. There I said it. As much fun as these past 9 years have been, I think I'm ready to have clear skin now.

You see, I had hopped it was just a teenage thing that I would grow out of but as I recently turned 22 I think we can safely assume that that's just not going to happen. So the time has come for me to take my face into my own hands and I'm not talking face palm.... I have set myself a goal.

The goal is to have clear skin by Christmas. That's roughly 6 months away. Oh and I plan on doing this naturally, by myself and for free. That's right, no dermatologists and no drugs.

Now, I'm no doctor. I'm not a scientist and I have no idea how the body works so the chances of me finding a cure for acne, some might argue are pretty slim. But I strongly believe nothing is impossible and I'm sure as hell as determined as they come. So I'm feeling pretty positive.

I'll be using this awesome blog to document how I'm getting on. Comments, suggestions, advice, insults and quotes are always welcome, by all means feel free to get envolved!

So yeah, should be good times.


hey kate! soooo ive done this before...the cleanse, the diet, the supplements and yeah i believe that all of these things can help...but i dont think its the solution. i don't mean to be a downer...all things are definately possible and some people have had remarkable success with this type of treatment. my best friend got really bad acne last summer and for about two months she was religious about her acne diet and vitamin regimen...her acnce was persistant and everytime she had a gram of sugar she got a new pimple. she started accutane at the end of that summer and she now has beautiful glowing skin. after seeing her results and my acne trippling in severity, i have decided to take the accutane plunge. but i understand your frustrations...ive had acne since i was 10, im now 20 and im abnsolutely fed up!!! i just cant accept that my acne is the cause of my diet and lack of certain nutrients. i know that ppl with acne have a different chemisrty...the ph levels in our skin is differnt than others but i eat very healthfully and stay in shape...its not fair that other ppl can eat whatever and have perfect skin. anyway if you do give this approach the good ole college try i suggest trying juice plus suppliments...they come in 3 blends: garden veg, orchid fruits and vineyard. two capsules of the veg. is a days worth of veggies, the fruits are a days of fruits and the vineyard are a days worth of berries for antioxident power. this stuff is for real...its kind of expensive but it REALLY helped regulate my acne before it became cystic. best of luck to you and i really do hope that this approach works for you! when theres a will theres a way!

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Hey, thank you so much for your comment. All advice is greatly appreciated and I will definitely look into getting those supplements you mentioned. ThanksKate

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