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#4: Healing vs. Battle



When speaking about acne it is common to speak about how we 'battle' it...but waging a war on our own skin seems rather counter-productive. Sometimes I think in our attempts to rid ourselves of acne we are too aggressive and this leads to other problems which can make matters worse. We tend to use harsh chemical topicals which disrupt our skin leading to dryness, irritation, inflammation, over-stimulation...this throws our skin more off balance. I think we need to shift into thinking about how we can help our skin help itself...through nurturing not an attack. We should try to use gentle, but effective products, which nourish the skin and encourage healing and balance. If you are using a treatment or products that cause excessive drying/flaking or cause redness/burning/stinging...I believe your skin is reacting in this way to give you the message to stop.

I have tried so many strong, synthetic, chemical formulas and acid peeling agents to 'fight' my acne...but I always came out on the losing end. I never gained fully clear skin, and even when I had less pimples, my skin did not look healthy because it either had redness or was SO dry and dehydrated. After seeing a youtube video discussing the skin's barrier and acid mantle, I realized that this was likely part of my problem--I had destroyed it! My skin could no longer take care of itself properly. I knew I had to try to find products that would help rebuild it, so that the natural barrier could function properly. This would not be an immediate, quick fix for me but a process.

For information about the skin's barrier/acid mantle I would suggest you go to the VitaleNatural website and watch the information video for Black Soap...while this cleanser was not a great fit for my skin, the information in this video helped to direct my choice in cleanser. I am sure I will be referring to this site again as it offers a wealth of information about skin care and skin care products.


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