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#2: Cleansing



One simple thing I do that I think has been helpful is to remember to wash my hands before I cleanse my face in the am and pm. I always do a pre-wash with hand soap first to ensure I do not transfer any dirt/oils/bacteria to my face.

I like to use a very gentle foaming cleanser. I would consider my skin combination though it changes with the seasons (winter=drier, summer=oilier). I do not like cream/lotion cleansers and prefer a mild foam/lather because my skin congests very easily and I find my skin is clearer with these formulations as long as the surfactant does not strip my skin too much. I am committed to using all-natural skin care(no chemical antibacterials or preservatives for this gal!), so the foaming agents can come from i.e. soap nut, soapwort, coconut, sugar, yucca etc. (personally, I am loving soapwort right now). The problem I find with many 'natural' formulas is that they are usually full of essential oils. For sensitive and acneic skin types this can pose a problem as it can lead to irritation or over-stimulation of oil; so a bit of trial and error is usually necessary to find a cleanser that works for your skin. I just look for something that takes off make up and other debris and rinses clean. This leaves my skin residue-free and feeling fresh while keeping my skin balanced so that it is not super dry/tight/red after use.

Oh, and if you have active acne I would definitely recommend avoiding daily exfoliating/scrub cleansers. They can help spread bacteria and over-stimulate oil production to aggravate acne.


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