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#1: The problem with common acne treatments...



I think that many acne sufferers get very frustrated because most of the treatments offered such as: benzoyl peroxide, BHAs/AHAs, antibiotics, The Pill etc. do not offer a long term 'cure' but only control the outbreaks temporarily. Even if we dismiss many of the negative side effects(which can be horrific) associated with these treatments, it is still disappointing when 'rebound' acne is suffered when use of the treatment stops. Some even feel their acne is worse than prior to treatment. Many treatments can cause skin to be excessively irritated/dry.

I think acne needs to be looked at holistically: diet, hormones, skin care routine, stress, sleep etc. all can contribute to skin issues.

About 6 months ago a dermatologist confirmed what I had known for many years: I had (adult) acne. He quickly prescribed a topical gel that contains an antibiotic and bp. I had been trying to 'fix' my acne myself and with NUMEROUS treatments. Although I had improved my skin over the years, it was still very acne-prone. I was very hesitant to start this topical as I would likely have to commit to staying on it for a long time AND the doctor actually did not seem very confident that it would work. Before I had even begun the treatment, he stated that if it was unsuccessful we could go on to other treatments like oral antibiotics or The Pill. The thought of disrupting my whole body, my system, in such a dramatic way was very concerning to me. So I have resisted using the gel and decided to try to find a way to clear my skin 'naturally'.

It is a process. I do not know if I will completely 'cure' my acne, but I DO know that for the first time I feel I am gaining control over my acne without the aid of antibiotics, chemicals, or hormones..and it feels great! I have seen a steady improvement of my skin for about a month now, so I will continue to stay on course and report as I go along.

If you are like me and feel you have tried EVERYTHING (and spent a fortune too) please check back and I will post the info. I think are the "musts" of my journey to clear skin.

Some of the EVERYTHINGs I have tried include:

bp products (including Proactiv)

vitamin regimens


chirally correct skin care lines

essential oils

many organic skin care lines

many natural skin care home remedies

many department store and drug store brands

many spa skin care lines

modified diets

...and the list goes on and on


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