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be nice to sales people!!



ok already getting off an annoying start...2 entries a day...as if i hadnt said enough in my first. but i just wanted to say this...be nice to sales people, to your waitress and all others involved in customer service. being polite includes leaving once the store is closed...i do not want 4 extra dollars tonight so you can try on a few knits, a sale dress and a pair of shorts on promo...only to have you buy a belt on sale for $19.99. this has happened almost evry night since summer started, including tonight. ok so, typically, im not too abnoxiously friendly at work; i like to give people their space and i never want anyone to get too long of a look at my bumpy, red, oily face. but anyways, i was in a good mood today and found myself being especially friendly and helpful (YAY for exercise endorfins); nevertheless, a customer approached my manager to inform her that i "didn't look very happy to be at work"! excuse me...did you want a handshake, a song or a haiku about how jovial i feel about working the closing shift...well then maam you should have told me, im quite the riddler!!! i really dont know what can be expected from your local retail associates...i can open you a fitting room, tell you about new sale items, help you order a blouse and even ring up your purchases...i cannot however, make you feel loved and appreciated for who you are and guess what...im aloud to relax my exhausted, smiling jaw every now and again...thank you for your understanding lady!!!! and p.s. heres that smile you wanted... :pray:

also, i cant figure out how to upload a profile picture; i mean i figured out how to do it but the site keeps rejecting my photo and ive sized it down to the appropriate deminsions...does anyone know what type of file the image needs to be?


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