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Still clear...you know, mostly.



All is well...ish. Nothing too awful to report. Woke up with a couple of white heads on my jawline. I'll spot treat those and that should be that.

All of the spots on my chest have healed but the pinkness is persistent. Nothing seems to be speeding up that process.

I started taking a vitamin A supplement Saturday and I've been really tired since then. I'm not sure what that is about and I'm beginning to wonder if it could be too much A. I think the dosage is rather high. (8000 i.u.) I'm going to research that.

I find that my skin is more dry than usual. I'm reluctant to use a heavier moisturizer as it's been ridiculously humid and the moisturizer just makes me feel even more sticky. I'm considering trying something new, but I'm a little nervous. Normally I'm all for experimentation but my skin is actually relatively clear and I don't want to go f-ing that up. Hrm.


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