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claravis (generic accutane) log 60mg



So i have been on this stuff for a one week and 4 days. My Lips are dry but nothing unbearable, my skin is slightly dryer but nothing drastic. i hardly feel like i am on the stuff. My skin has continued to break out more. it is kinda getting frustrating because i feel like nothing is happening.

Can someone please tell me how long it took them to get dry, really dry????

How long there initial breakout lasted???

(please include starting amount of dosage)

Also does anyone know if it is bad to use clay masks while i am on it since i am not that dry yet???

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First of all, I admire you for telling your friends about your medication. I think it's a great idea...especially to keep a check on your mental health. I have been on the 'tane twice before, and am starting a 3rd course right now. I always just told my parents to tell me if they notice anything, since I talk to them a couple of times a week. They are like psychic when it comes to my moods.The first two times, I was on 40 mg/day to begin with, then 60 after the first month, then 80 after that. The first time, my initial breakout was bad. It began after a week, and lasted about 3 months. The second time, I had virtually no initial breakout. This time, I'm trying low-dose, longer-period approach: 20 mg/day for 8 months. My initial breakout was bad, but not terrible. I'm on day 17, and it's already subsiding.Since I'm currently on low-dose, the side effects are supposed to be very minimal. I haven't even really noticed a change in my lips yet, which for me has always been the first thing to get really dry.The other times, though, I noticed the dryness after two or three weeks.Good luck to you! For 99% of people, this treatment is more like an actual cure for acne, so stay hopeful...you won't be dissapointed. Just stick with it. Kudos again for your openness!

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